Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strawberry Nails

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I showed you all a swatch of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields. It inspired me to do some nail art with the polish. Plus, I just can't get enough of strawberries! Let's see the design!

For this design, I started out with Strawberry Fields as my base color. With a detail brush, I made rounded triangles for the strawberries (think of an upside down triangle with a rounded out bottom) with Essie Lights and Wet n Wild's Tickled Pink.

Next, I created the stems of the strawberries with my detail brush with Essie Mojito Madness. For the dots, I used a dotting tool and created dots in the empty spaces of the nail with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Finally, I topped it off with a top coat.

I love this design. I think I could have used another coat of Essie Lights for the strawberries because the color kind of blends in with the base color. It is a good color for strawberries though (and roses too!). I wish I could keep it on my nails forever, but I know I'm going to get sick of it eventually lol. 

What do you think of this design? 

Thanks for reading!


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