Sunday, March 2, 2014

Revlon - Amethyst

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry about this week everyone. I had to do some things for the job that I was talking about in my last post and on top of all that, Tiana (my girlfriend) got me sick. I'm feeling a bit better, so I'll be back into the swing of things. Tiana also bought me quite a few polishes during the week that I'll be showing you in the future and hopefully sneak in some nail art!

For today, I'll be showing you Revlon's Amethyst. Tiana actually picked this out for me, since she loves the color purple.

Amethyst is a medium purple with pink and blue microshimmer. This is two coats with a top coat. I bought this during my Big Lots haul and it was $1.50. 

The application and formula for Amethyst was good. I really had no problems with applying it. The Revlon Colorstay polishes have a nice rounded brush, which I love and it makes it easier to apply.

I really like the satin/shiny look with this polish. It's so shiny in person. As far as the color, it doesn't really wow me. I do love the pink and blue microshimmer, but it's very subtle on the nail that you almost can't see it.

Overall, I'm on the fence about this polish. While I love the shine on Amethyst, the color is a little meh to me. I wish more of the microshimmer showed a little more in the polish.

What do you think of this polish?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the shinny finish and the color is more than beuatiful.
    I wish you all the best, I hope your feeling already much better!

    1. The shiny finish is beautiful. I do like the color as well. And thank you, I still have a cough but I'll get over soon. ^^

  2. Get well soon! This nail polish is stunning! It really suits you! I prefer rounded nail polish brushes too! :)

    1. Thank you, I'm trying lol. Rounded brushes are the best. Less cleanup time lol.

  3. wow, this bright purple colour looks so wonderful!
    I love your posts :)

    Xx Julia


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