Monday, September 30, 2013

31DC2013 Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

Hello everyone, I'm back!

Sorry I was away for so long. Life kind of caught up to me, plus I was worrying about the blog way too much. I was stressing and worrying way too much about small things. I think I just needed a break from it is all. I'm back and ready to finish this challenge!

For inspired by fashion, I was inspired by cross t-shirts. I actually really like the trend and need to get myself some more of them. I'm actually wearing one of them right now!

Colors Used: 
Sinful Colors Candy Coated
Sinful Colors Black on Black
China Glaze's Fairy Dust


I was mainly inspired by the pastel goth cross shirts. I think they're really cute;I'd like one of those as well. For this design, I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Candy Coated. With a detail brush, I created a big cross on the nail using Sinful Colors Black on Black. Finally, I finished it off with China Glaze's Fairy Dust.


I think these are really cute and very simple to do. I hope there's a shirt out there that looks like this in real life. I want to buy it!

What do you think of this design? Do you like the cross shirt trend?

Coming up is inspired by a pattern! Hint: it's a recurring theme!

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