Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rainbow Colorblock Nails

Hey everyone!

I've been into bright colors lately because I'm still a little down. I originally wanted to do rainbow stripes, but it's been done so many times by others. I came up with these colorblock nails instead. I wanted to keep the stripe element, but also make them different. They're pretty simple to do (a little time consuming though) and you can use any amount of colors that you want. Let's get to the design!

For this design, I started off with a white base using Sinful Colors Snow Me White. To make the colors have an even amount of space, I made a straight line  in the middle of the nail using Sinful Colors Innocent and Endless Blue.

Next, I made another line using the same colors at the bottom of the nail side by side. Building up the colors, I repeated the same steps for the green and blue for the other colors. The colors I used are Wet n Wild's I Red a Good BookSally Hansen's SunkissedSinful Colors Let's MeetSinful Colors AmethystSinful Colors Dream On, and Sinful Colors Cream Pink.  

I freehanded this design with a detail brush, but you can also do this with a striper polish or brush.

I love how cool this design came out. If I look at it far away, it kind of looks like an optical illusion. I want to do it with more colors in the future.

What do you think of this design? Have you done colorblock nails before?

Thanks for reading!


  1. It is amazing! I love all these colours you used. Great mani!

  2. Hello!
    You've created such a colorful and beautiful manicure!
    I really like it ;)

    I love all the Rainbow colors that You've chosen for this nail art :)

    Xx Julia

  3. So cool! Great idea! And you chose the brightest color, I think:)

  4. I love this design you came up with! :) a.nice twist on rainbow stripes... also because my nails are small I think this design would make it easier to fit all the colors in

    1. I have short nails as well, so this is a design that's perfect for short nails!

  5. i havent seen this design before its so amazing! i love the clash between colours!

    1. Thanks! It just came to me really. I was trying to do something else and then randomly came up with that lol.


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