Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FXXX Love!

Hello everyone!

This is my 100th post on the blog! It's not that special, but it was something that I noticed today while writing this up haha.

I'm pretty sure everyone can tell what the theme is for today's nail art design just by the title. Today I'm showing you all my Anti-Valentines Day nails! I'm going to be honest and say that I never really enjoyed Valentines Day. This year will be different since I'm spending it with my girlfriend, but it has gotten on my nerves lately lol. Anyone like this as well?

For my FXXX Love nails, I used the following colors:
Sinful Colors Black on Black (base)
Wet n Wild's I Red a Good Book (base)
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sinful Colors Decadent (glitter)
Black Acrylic Paint
Maybelline's Clearly Spotted (glitter)

I created a mix n' match of designs for these nails using dotting tools and a detail brush.

For my pinky, I layered Clearly Spotted and Decadent together. On my ring finger, I wrote FXXX Love with black acrylic paint. If you can see it, I made a little broken heart underneath the letters. For my middle finger, I created three hearts with I Red a Good Book and crossed them out with Snow Me White. On my pointer, I created polka dots. Finally, I painted X's and O's on my thumb.

Originally, I used flocking powder for the accent nail, but decided against it. I like this version much better than what I had before. I think these are really cute and I'm pretty please with how the designs came out!

What do you think of these nails? Do you dislike Valentines Day?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahh i love these nails! I dont really celebrate valentines day tbh, its just another day to me

    1. Same here lol. This year I kind of have to because I have a significant other this year XD

  2. a lovely nail art!
    I love all the details that you used for this design ;)

    Xx Julia


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