Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tribal with Polka Dots Nails

Good afternoon everyone! How is everyone doing?

Today I have a colorful tribal mani for you. I've seen the design around Instagram and wanted to try it out. I also added polka dots to add a little more to it. I'm kind of upset that the design came out pretty good, but my top coat decided to streak some of the lines. It looks great from afar, but when you look closely you can see the streaks. Nonetheless, I wanted to post them because despite the streaks I still like it.

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Sinful Colors Pistache
Sinful Colors Why Not
Sinful Colors Black on Black

Tribal with Polka Dots Nails

For the three base colors, I used the bottle brushes to paint three stripes. I used a medium brush to create the tribal pattern. Then, I used a big, medium, and small dotting tool to create the dots on the other nails.

Tribal with Polka Dots Nails

It's a pretty simple tribal design. You can use any colors with it! I really want to try this again and see if the streaks come up, but for now I'm content. 

What do you think of this design? What top coat do you all use? I need a new top coat!

Until next time!

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