Monday, August 26, 2013

Abstract Dotticure

Good afternoon everyone!

 I have a fun and easy nail art design that you only have to use the bottle brushes for!

I was working on trying completing a nail wheel yesterday to practice some designs when I did this one. I was just doing something random and testing out colors, but it turned out to be a really pretty and unique design. I call it "Abstract Dotticure". It looks like it should be a design on a nice skirt or something.

Basically, all you do is dab the colors onto the nail with the tip of the brush. You also want to be a little messy with it, it doesn't have to be perfect. 

In my opinion, it looks better when you do small dabs instead of big ones, but the big dabs look just as cool too. Also, it doesn't really matter what order you dab the colors on, but it will kind of matter when you're trying to finish it off. Some nails will look like they have an even amount of each color on the nail and others won't. It's really up to the person though and how they want it to look!

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors Energetic Red
Wet n Wild's French White Creme
Sinful Colors Pistache 
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Color Club's Take Me to Your Chateau

Abstract Dotticure

Abstract Dotticure

What do you all think of this design? Liking the abstract look?

Until next time!

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