Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monochrome Bursts

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Life always seems to catch you by surprise, so I wasn't in a good mood and didn't feel like doing any nails. Things are potentially looking up for me, so I'm in a much better mood now.

I decided to do a burst design for my nails today. It's something different from what I usually do, but I really like this design on my nails, especially in just black and white. I kind of needed to stop thinking about Christmas designs, so I think this monochrome design took my mind off it a little bit.

For these nails, I first applied one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black onto my nails. With a detail brush, I freehanded a burst design with white acrylic paint on the outside of the nail. I added more bursts inside each other, but this is optional.

For the accent nail, I applied one coat of Maybelline's Clearly Spotted on my nail. I love how the glitter shows on black nails because the white glitter pops out.

I love how abstract this design is. I think the accent nail is my favorite, even though it was the easiest to do lol.


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