Wednesday, December 4, 2013

80's Inspired Zigag Nails

Hello everyone!

Is anyone else sick? I feel like the cold is starting to spread over here. I'm not completely sick, but I do have a sore throat. I've been doing everything from tea, to cough drops, oranges, everything lol. I hope no one else is catching a cold.

Anyways, today I have a colorful nail art design for you today. This design reminds me of the 80's, hence the name. I really like this design and hope you all like it too!

For this design, I first applied one coat of Wet n Wild's French Creme on my nails. With a makeup sponge, I sponged on three colors : Sinful Colors Pink Forever, Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, and Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing onto the nail until opaque.

With a detail brush, I made zigzags on the nail with black acrylic paint. Finally, I sealed my design with a top coat.

I'm still trying to work with acrylic paint, so it as kind of upsetting that some of the paint looks faded and some of the lines look a little thicker. My top coat might have been the cause of that. Does anyone have any tips on how to use acrylic paint? 

I've had this design on my nails for a few days and I love them. I think the sponged on color really makes it pop out for me.

What do you think of this design? Does it remind you of the 80's?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your nails look great!
    I like the Aztec zigzag print in this design, it looks really beautiful!

    Xx julia

  2. This looks great! The sponged colours really make the zig zags stand out! :)


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